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Litigation Support

Bankruptcy (Individual and Business)

For the past 17 years, we have worked with individuals and companies going through bankruptcy on several levels of service.  These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Review, adjust and prepare financial statements for reporting,
  • Preparation of Office of United States Trustee Monthly Operating Reports,
  • Prepare 5 year projections necessary to confirm the bankruptcy plan,
  • Prepare the liquidation analysis for the bankruptcy plan,
  • Provide expert testimony on various accounting issues in the bankruptcy proceeding, primarily on feasibility of the bankruptcy plan

Based on our experience in reporting and expert testimony in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, we can anticipate the expected requests and reports that could be necessary to provide to the client, creditors, U.S. Trustee Office and judge.

In many cases, we have provided the Outsourced CFO and Accounting services noted above in an effort to work with the client to help turn the business around and succeed in confirmation a bankruptcy plan.

Liquidation and Disbursement Agent

Our Firm has extensive experience in providing services in situations which involve the liquidation and disbursement of resulting funds from these liquidations.  Situations occur in which a company or assets require liquidation as a result of bankruptcy, litigation between company owners or divorce.  When this occurs, we are typically appointed by the Court to take control of the company or assets to mediate the liquidation and maximize the return on the sale of the company or assets for the parties involved.  We have the knowledge and business skill set to handle these tasks efficiently and effectively.

Forensic Accounting

We have provided detailed forensic reviews of financial records for over 10 years to discover supporting evidence used in legal disputes.  These disputes typically include misappropriation of funds with a company, partner/shareholder disputes related to use of funds, mismanagement or misuse of business assets and fraud or theft of funds.


In domestic disputes, we generated reports on property settlement and child support calculations in an effort to help settle these matters working closely with the client and legal counsel.  In providing these services, our goal is to work with the client and their spouse’s legal counsel to calculate a fair, equitable settlement that will satisfy both parties, but provide our client with the assets of the community that he or she is due.

Court Qualified Expert

Hire our Firm to prepare the necessary expert reports that meet the qualification required by the court, along with the sufficient content to present the client’s position in the case. With this reporting, Patrick Gros is qualified to testify about the facts in the case, the veracity of the data and reasonableness of the client position.  Patrick has been qualified in court as an expert numerous times in the past 15 years in the areas of financial accounting, valuations, restaurant accounting, feasibility, among other things.

Business Valuation

Want to sell your business?   Or looking to buy a business?  We have prepared many valuations for both buyers and sellers of companies to determine a calculated value.  Using industry standard valuation guidelines to prepare the necessary calculations, we can help establish a reasonable value of the company.